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Create an Event

Create a Pride Week Event

Peterborough/Nogojiwanong Pride Week is September 16th through Sunday September 25th this year.

The Peterborough/Nogojiwanong Pride Week 2022 theme has not yet been set but it likely have something to do with this being our 20th Pride celebration.  We invite everyone to embrace the theme and participate in Pride Week in whatever way works for them!

Peterborough Pride will work within all public safety guidelines to keep our community safe. During Pride Week 2022 we will support new ways to connect and participate with our community; online (through Zoom, Discord, and social media); and in-person (outdoors, in small groups, while practicing social distancing). We’re excited about the opportunities for the growth and increased accessibility these platforms provide. It is important that all community members are able to access Pride Week events. For many people, using new technology can feel like a barrier. We want to help overcome those barriers so everyone can participate.

Please Note: PTBO/NOGO Pride will only promote and support events that are planned in alignment with the City of Peterborough’s and Peterborough Public Health safety guidelines found here:

Most Pride events are organized and hosted by community members and we welcome your ideas and energy to make them happen. We invite you to embrace the theme of Pride and express it in a Pride Week event.

To propose an event you must go to the link below and complete and submit the form with all your information and ideas.
Please note that you will need to provide the following information to submit the form:

  • Organizer contact information;
  • a description of the proposed event, timing, and the event aim/focus;
  • for in-person events, the measures you will be taking to meet the Covid safety guidelines;
  • any support/assistance you would like from Peterborough Pride;
  • agreement to operate in accordance with Pride Mission/Values; and
  • sign a waiver.

Peterborough Pride Event Application link:

Be sure to identify any support you need including what you need to ensure participants are safe. If you have any questions please email