Pride Week 2021 is September 17th to 26th – Mark your calendar and join the celebration!

The Peterborough Pride Week 2021 theme will be determined shortly – stay tuned… We invite everyone to embrace the theme and participate in Pride Week in whatever way works for them!

Normally Pride Week is a collection of over 30 community run events book-ended by the Flag raising and the Parade and Park events. To ensure the safety of the community during this pandemic, the parade, park and other large gathering events for Pride Week 2021 will only occur if they can be done in accordance with City of Peterborough’s and Peterborough Public Health safety guidelines.

PTBO/NOGO Pride will work within all public safety guidelines to keep our community safe. During Pride Week 2021 we are introducing new ways to connect and participate with our community; online (through Zoom, Discord, and social media); and in-person (outdoors, in small groups, while practicing social distancing). We’re excited about the opportunities for growth and increased accessibility these platforms provide. It is important that all community members are able to access Pride Week events. In order to do that, we will invite feedback and dialogue with community members. For many people, using new technology can feel like a barrier. We want to help overcome those barriers so everyone can participate.

PTBO/NOGO Pride will only promote and support events that are planned in alignment with the City of Peterborough’s and Peterborough Public Health safety guidelines;

You are invited to propose events to be included in Pride Week 2021 that meet the restrictions meant to avoid spread of  COVID-19. For more information on how to propose an event go HERE

The event schedule below will constantly be updated as details are finalized so we suggest you confirm details here before the events. For additional information or if you have ideas or questions, please contact us at:

* Events not under the control of Peterborough Pride. Peterborough Pride takes no responsibility for these events.
^ Event helped by financial support from Peterborough Pride.