Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our Mission:

“Peterborough Pride” exists to: support & celebrate people of all sexual orientations and gender identities*; honour and give thanks to those who have come before us and contribute to the resilient spirit and courage of the present struggle for our human rights.

We promote a justice seeking future through education and advocacy so that all may participate fully in the life and work of the City of Peterborough and surrounding area with safety, dignity & respect!

* Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex and Two-Spirit (LGBTTQI2-S)

Values we believe in:

  1. Treating all shareholders with respect and dignity;
  2. Being volunteer-driven and recognizing the value and contribution of all shareholders;
  3. Transparency and accountability of actions;
  4. Commitment to anti-oppression principles and practices;
  5. Promoting diversity, inclusivity and accessibility for all;and
  6. Celebration!

Our Values in Action:

1) Treating all shareholders with respect and dignity

  • Clear commitment to peaceful assembly with security volunteers trained to de-escalate.
  • Behaviour in Parade is governed by the Criminal Code of Canada. Views expressed by parade participants are not necessarily the views of “Pride Peterborough”

2) Being volunteer-driven and recognizing the value and contribution of all shareholders

  • Appreciation, team-building opportunities, training provided and fits with the task assigned
  • Welcome and support through transparent decision making, clarity re how to get involved, orientation, records and information maintained and available
  • Volunteers have space to be self-directed and empowered to do the work that they would like to and exhaustive list of areas that volunteers can get involved with

3) Transparency and accountability of actions

  • Clarity re third party events (vs. core event), sponsorship guidelines, payment of performers, hosting a fundraising event, etc.
  • Clarity re where finances are spent (budget) and what funds need to be raised.
  • Clarity re decision making power and method and who/how people become on the central organizing committee. Minutes taken at meetings and posted.
  • Evaluation forms/process for volunteers & participants to contribute feedback.

4) Commitment to anti-oppression principles and practices

  • Diverse, inclusive, and welcoming Pride events
  • Active outreach, communication and advertising to diverse groups (needs multiple communication pieces for different audiences)
  • Anti-oppression and anti-homophobia workshops or trainings as part of Pride programming
  • Recognizing our relative privilege to march (i.e. as Moment of silence in the parade or some other way to recognize less freedom elsewhere)

5) Promoting diversity, inclusivity and accessibility for all

  • Guidelines and checklist for events that encourage accessibility (i.e. sliding scale fees, accessible venues, all-ages access) with notice on posters re accessibility, all-ages access, PWYC
  • Outreach to the community to have a broad cross section of the community represented on the central Pride organizing committee and other activities

6) Celebration!

  • More music! Bigger, better floats, etc.
  • Add music committee to hub structure
  • Add float committee to create, with a bit of financial support, a flashy float with music
  • Equity, youth and accessibility committee in Pride organizing structure
  • Community outreach committee

**We may not be able fulfill all these ambitions this year, but we can prioritize and work towards them each year.**