Peterborough Pride History

In 2003, Mayor Sylvia Sutherland officially proclaimed September 13th as Gay Pride Day. On that occasion, almost 400 people participated in Peterborough’s 1st Gay Pride Parade. This important proclamation was a strong recognition that non-heterosexuals are equal and important members of our community.

Since then, the Pride Parade Committee (representatives of some key organizations that support the LGBT community along with other fabulous community volunteers), encouraged by the overwhelming support from post-secondary institutions, individuals, community service agencies and business people in Peterborough, committed to making the Pride Parade and related events an annual celebration. As such, in 2004, the 2nd Pride Parade was held as well as a two well attended dances and a family picnic.

In 2005, Peterborough Pride became an especially important event to the local gay/queer community as Bill C-38 (the equal marriage bill) became law. Parliament spoke clearly and loudly in proclaiming that all couples, regardless of gender, are equal in value and equal in law in every province and territory of our country.

In the years since we have seen increasing participation in Peterborough Pride, with over 700 people participating in the Parade, and many more joining the other local festivities. With this great success comes the anticipation for this year’s Pride festivities.